The plot of “In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela” entails an enormous planet-eating sphere drifting by means of the heavens, destroying a number of worlds on its technique to Earth. The sphere, it’s quickly revealed, was initially an Earth probe that was returning house after centuries in deep area (see additionally: “Star Trek: The Movement Image”). In a satirical twist, the probe can also be revealed to be made up of two media censorship satellites that collided. It’s now “censoring” any planets that do not stay as much as strict FCC tips on sexual content material and soiled language.

Leela and Zapp are recruited to fight the huge sphere, however find yourself being attacked and crash-landing on an Eden-like planet. Leela is trapped below a log, and Zapp should carry her meals and water. As time passes, Leela begins to understand Zapp’s care. Naturally, not all is because it appears. By the top of the episode, Zapp will confess that he and Leela have been really on Earth this entire time, and he had been mendacity incessantly about their circumstances to be able to manipulate Leela into having intercourse. 

Sure, the episode accommodates themes of gaslighting and sexual assault, one thing Cohen hated. He wrote on Reddit:

“On reflection, I concede we went to far once we first got here again on Comedy Central, in our second episode ‘In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela.’ Zapp and Leela get marooned on an Eden-like planet and he tries to deceive her into sleeping with him. However wanting again it is a bit rapey. It was very humorous at instances however could have damage Zapp’s character.”

He could also be a pig, however making Zapp right into a calculating predator was admittedly icky. As “Futurama” progressed, Zapp reverted to his traditional lascivious self and the writers appeared cautious to maintain him again within the realm of “annoying,” reasonably than “outright legal.”

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