Within the movie’s epilogue, The Killer is seen again at his secluded house within the DR, sharing a beachside sunning subsequent to a recovered Magdala. It is an idyllic finale that is not misplaced on your common globe-spanning murderer film, and but, due to the movie’s tone and context, it resembles one thing like a journey company advert: the holiday fantasy of the cubicle jockey.

That is as a result of, in fact, The Killer is not identical to us; he’s us, and he says as a lot in his climactic voiceover, aligning himself with “the various” as a substitute of “the few” as he had performed earlier. He eats McDonald’s, drinks Starbucks, outlets at Amazon, and even listens completely to that hip, classic indie band that was as soon as used as a signifier of deep musical style in media like “(500) Days of Summer time.” His job could also be uncommon on the floor, nevertheless it seems it is identical to each different workday job on the earth; in reality, it could be a bit extra sincere, for a minimum of the individuals dying on account of it’s an intentional consequence. The Killer is not Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho,” a assassin in a position to conceal in plain sight of money-blinded capitalists; he is Michael Scott from “The Workplace,” or any variety of sitcom-based aliases that he makes use of to journey incognito.

In different phrases, The Killer is aggressively common, a cog in a wheel, a part of the massive system, and he is accepted this identification. Can the remainder of us comply with swimsuit? In some methods, “The Killer” is a response to Tyler Durden and the late-’90s ennui of “Struggle Membership,” a extra grown-up and mature (if defeated) response to the oppressive actuality of our company world. Revenge, revolution … these are infantile fantasies. Possibly all we’ve to sit up for is an efficient severance package deal or a sturdy retirement plan. Possibly we’re all of the hunter in that bear joke, too hooked on being violated. It is actually going to be our fates if we do nothing, and once more, as The Killer says on the prime of the movie, it is exhausting to do nothing.

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