After utilizing the Skrull reminiscence scanner (which Carol unhelpfully refers to as a torture system she’s been utilizing to jog her personal reminiscences) to assist recall the place Kamala noticed Dar-Benn going to subsequent, the three ladies plot a course to the planet Aladna. Though the shared reminiscence scan introduced up some painful reminiscences involving Carol and Monica’s mother, Maria (Lashana Lynch), who died of most cancers in the course of the Thanos-induced Blip (that means she handed whereas Monica had been Blipped herself), the trio understand that their entanglement problem must be resolved first. They use the journey to coach themselves on how their swapping works, realizing that, as an alternative of being an uncoordinated catastrophe, they are often even stronger as a workforce (which Kamala insists on calling “The Marvels,” naturally).

Upon arriving on Aladna, Carol reveals that she’s made a wedding of comfort with its ruler, Prince Yan (Park Search engine marketing-joon), and that the planet’s residents talk solely by means of track. That is proper: it is the MCU’s first fully-fledged musical quantity (the Superior Mixes of Peter Quill and “Rogers: The Musical!” however)! The track and dance is minimize brief, nonetheless, when Dar-Benn exhibits as much as steal the planet’s water for Hala. Regardless of The Marvels’ greatest efforts, Dar-Benn succeeds, and eventually discovers that Kamala possesses the opposite bangle (which Carol is aware of as “Quantum Bands”).

After their last-minute escape from Dar-Benn, Carol reveals that the Kree are going after these planets specifically as a method of punishing her personally. That is as a result of, within the aftermath of “Captain Marvel” and its revelation that the Kree Supreme Intelligence had brainwashed her and the remainder of the Kree, Carol had traveled to Hala and destroyed the Supreme Intelligence whereas Dar-Benn watched. Although she’d hoped it could free the Kree, it truly doomed them, creating this civil conflict that has ravaged Hala. It was for that reason that Carol deliberately stayed away from Maria, Monica, and Earth, intending to repair all that she’d damaged earlier than returning residence however discovering it unattainable. Now, Earth is at risk once more, as Dar-Benn intends to reap its solar in revenge.

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