The “Invincible” season 2 premiere, “A Lesson For Your Subsequent Life,” introduces Angstrom Levy (Sterling Okay. Brown), a person who can open green-colored portals to alternate dimensions. An try to imbue himself with the data of all his multiversal counterparts fails because of Invincible’s intervention. The accident leaves Levy deformed (engorged mind tissue grows down from his head throughout his again and shoulders) and swearing revenge.

Multiverses are the large factor in superhero media proper now, however Angstrom’s introduction is not “Invincible” leaping on a bandwagon. No, this episode is essentially an adaptation of “Invincible” situation #24 (revealed in 2005). Levy can also be essentially the most distinguished non-Viltrumite villain within the comedian collection. He is the Physician Octopus to Invincible’s Spider-Man; not essentially the hero’s most harmful adversary, however positively his most persistent. Leaving him out of the collection is solely not a chance, for it will shut the door on too many storylines.

Throughout nearly 80 points, Levy enacts revenge scheme after revenge scheme. Due to his world-trekking powers, he simply learns Mark’s secret id and may strike near his family members. Like every comedian ebook supervillain price their mettle, he additionally has a nasty behavior of getting back from the lifeless.

Talking of, that desolate alternate universe the place Angstrom first takes the Mauler Twins? In “Invincible” situation #33, Mark and Angstrom conclude their first actual battle in the same wasteland world, if not the very same one. Solely 2024 will verify if “Invincible” season 2 ends at that time.

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