An undersea volcano erupted off Japan three weeks in the past, offering a uncommon view of the start of a tiny new island, however consultants say it could not final very lengthy.

The unnamed undersea volcano, situated about half a mile off the southern coast of Iwo Jima, which Japan calls Ioto, began its newest collection of eruptions on Oct. 21.

Inside 10 days, volcanic ash and rocks piled up on the shallow seabed, its tip rising above the ocean floor. By early November, it turned a brand new island about 328 ft in diameter and as excessive as 66 ft above the ocean, in keeping with Yuji Usui, an analyst within the Japan Meteorological Company’s volcanic division.


Volcanic exercise has elevated close to Iwo Jima and related undersea eruptions have occurred lately, however the formation of a brand new island is a major improvement, Usui stated.

Volcanic exercise on the web site has since subsided, and the newly shaped island has considerably shrunk as a result of its “crumbly” formation is definitely washed away by waves, Usui stated.

He stated consultants are nonetheless analyzing the event, together with particulars of the deposits. The brand new island might survive longer whether it is fabricated from lava or one thing extra sturdy than volcanic rocks corresponding to pumice.

New island appears off Japan

A brand new island has shaped close to Iwo Jima. Pictured: Steam varieties off Iwoto Island, Ogasawara city within the Pacific Ocean, southern Tokyo, on Oct. 30, 2023.  (Kyodo Information through AP)

“We simply must see the event,” he stated. “However the island could not final very lengthy.”

Undersea volcanoes and seismic actions have shaped new islands previously.

In 2013, an eruption at Nishinoshima within the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo led to the formation of a brand new island, which stored rising throughout a decade-long eruption of the volcano.


Additionally in 2013, a small island surfaced from the seabed after a large 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan. In 2015, a brand new island was shaped because of a month-long eruption of a submarine volcano off the coast of Tonga.

Of about 1,500 lively volcanoes on the planet, 111 are in Japan, which sits on the so-called Pacific “ring of fireside,” in keeping with the Japan Meteorological Company.

Iwo Jima was the location of among the fiercest combating of World Struggle II, and the {photograph} taken by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal of the flag-raising atop the island’s Mount Suribachi on Feb. 23, 1945, got here to represent the Pacific Struggle and the valor of the USA Marines.

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